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Main Goals .

I love what I do and that's why I want you to love your website,  my main goal is to deliver exactly what you expect and a little extra.


Affordable and High Quality Web Solutions

Client First

Thoughtful Customer Service


Keep a long term relationship with Client

Services .

Why WordPress?

It’s a very powerful tool that provides a great base structure for website development, with extensive documentation and endless resources (themes and plugins) for killer designs, extra features and useful functionalities.

  • Theme and plugin Installation

  • Add content (Text, images, logos)

  • Install and set up SEO plugins

  • Translations (English/Spanish)

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Set Up Google Analytics

  • Troubleshooting (Wordpress admin, PHP, Javascrip, CSS)

Backend Development

I have experience in Php raw programming (no frameworks) for web applications that needs to manage and analyse data from a Database. I usually work with MySql, Jquery or plain Javascript and Bootstrap CSS.

  • Web applications development

  • Data management

  • Database Design

  • Coding Troubleshooting


If you require assistance regarding your Hosting and Domain I can help you. And if you don't know what either mean or what you should do about it, I will definitely help you!

  • Hosting and Domain Purchase and Set Up

  • Domain Set Up (Change DNS records)

  • Website Migration (Hosting and Domain)

  • Change Php Version on CPanel/AWS

  • Email Accounts Creation on CPanel or Hosting Dashboard

  • SSL Certificate Installation

Message me for any questions specific to your project.

About Me .

Hi! My name is Swami Hernández. I’m web developer from Venezuela with a degree in System Engineering. I have about 6 years of experience with Web development, I started as Php programmer who got introduce to WordPress because of a client who wanted his site developed with it, after that I noticed there was a market there so I slowly started to work on WordPress sites for other clients.

After more than 5 years working with WordPress (and trying other frameworks) I consider it the most stable, easy to set up and customizable tool for website development. And thanks to my background on Php programming I’m able to customize and troubleshoot any website developed with WordPress because its base programming language is Php.

Since I’m bilingual (Spanish/English) I also offer website translation services. Send me a message if you already have a website and only need a translation.

Recent Work .

JP Elite Fitness

Wordpress website for


Wordpress website for


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Amazonian Calendar

Wordpress website for

Blog .

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